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The Creation of National Identities

By 6 janvier 2022janvier 18th, 2022Publications

Décembre 2021

The Creation of National Identities – Europe, 18th-20th Centuries

THIESSE, Anne-Marie (aut.) ; MCNEIL, Brian (trad.)

There is nothing more international than the formation of national identities. From barbarian epics to ethnographic museums, from national languages to emblematic landscapes or typical costumes, this book retraces the cultural fabrication of the European nations, documenting how national identities are not facts of nature but constructions.

The list of basic elements of a national identity is well known: ancestral founders, a history, heroes, a language, monuments, landscapes, and folklore. Compiling this list was the great enterprise carried out throughout Europe during the last two centuries. Patriotic militancy and the transnational exchanges of ideas and know-how created identities that are very specific, but similar precisely in their difference.

Anne-Marie Thiesse, Senior Researcher at the CNRS in Paris, is a literary studies researcher and historian specializing in the cultural history of contemporary Europe. She is interested in the relationship between literature and politics in the 18th-21st centuries.

THIESSE, Anne-Marie ; The Creation of National Identities – Europe, 18th-20th Centuries, BRILL 2021, 234 p., ISBN : 978-90-04-49883-9.

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