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Print Cultures before the Post-Colonial Era: The Miscellany

By 12 janvier 2024mars 13th, 20242024, Colloques & Journées d'études

Print Cultures before the Post-Colonial Era: The Miscellany

Organisation : Leatitia Zecchini (THALIM / CNRS, ENS)

18 & 19 janvier 2024
University of Chicago Paris Center
6 Rue Thomas Man, Paris 75013


Sponsors: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS); University of Chicago, International Institute of Research in Paris Faculty Grant Program; University of Chicago Nicholson Center.




DAY 1 | Thursday, 18 January

12h30 – 13h30 : Lunch

14h – 15h30 : Printing Presses

Moderator : Paulo Horta (NYU Abu Dhabi)

Ulrike Stark (University of Chicago): Majestic Patronage: Muslim and Christian Printing at the Lucknow Royal Press, 1819-1849

Graham Shaw (British Library): Paper Bullets for India

Tea break

16h – 18h: Periodicals part 1

Moderator : Estelle Murail (Catholic University of Paris)

Rosinka Chaudhuri (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata): The Bengal Spectator Calcutta, 1843

Sara Thornton (Université Paris Cité), Transportation, Timelapse and Local and Global
Reportage: The Case of Punch, or the Sydney Charivari in 1857

Benedetta Zaccarello (ITEM CNRS/ENS): Arya – revue de synthèse philosophique (1914-1920)

Drinks/ dinner


DAY 2 | Friday, 19 January

9h30 – 11h : Periodicals part 2

Moderator : Álvaro Luna Dubois (NYU Abu Dhabi)

Neelam Srivastava (University of Newcastle), A Partisan Press: Sylvia Pankhurst’s Broadsheet New Times and Ethiopia News

Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS), Worldliness as Critique: The Cut-and-paste Activism of The Indian PEN (30s-50s)

Coffee break

11h30 – 13h : Annuals

Moderator : Todd Porterfield (NYU)

Jonathan Sachs (Concordia University): Forget Me Not from 1830.

Charlotte Cary Beckett (University of Chicago): Re-printing “Recollections”: the Uneven Terrain of Susanna Moodie’s Settler Sketches

13h – 14h : lunch

14h30 – 16h : Miscellaneous Form 1

Moderator : Will Slauter (Sorbonne)

Priyasha Mukhopadhyay (Yale University): Graphic Data in the Report of the Bombay Plague Committee (1898)

Josephine McDonagh (University of Chicago): Displaced Children in Colonial Print Miscellanies (ca 1820s and 1830s)

Tea break

16h30 – 18h : Miscellaneous Form 2

Moderator : Eve Tignol (CNRS/ CESAH)

Mark Turner (King’s College London): Extractive Miscellaneity and the Launch of Australian Serial Print (ca. 1820s)

Coraline Jortay (CNRS): Entanglements between gender representations and typographical materiality in the Sinosphere in the 1920s and 1930s

18h : End of Workshop / Drinks

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