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王柏华 | WANG Baihua

By 6 mars 2023février 2nd, 2024Professeur·es invité·es 2023

20 mars 2023, de 10h à 12h

“Ideographic method” as a Chinoiserie in American New Poetry Movement and the Development of Comparative Poetics

美国新诗运动中的 « 表意方法 »和比较诗学的发展的中国化


As is known to all, in American New poetry movement, starting from Pound, there was an obsession with ideographic structure of Chinese characters. This “ideographic method” has been widely applied in the “Chinese style poetry” (Chinoiserie), and even influenced the formation of comparative poetics. However, the highest ideal of traditional Chinese poetics is to create “World” or “Realm” (境, Ching) instead of “Image” (象, Hsiang), not alone “Ideograph” (字, Hsi). “Ideographic method,”as an active agent,played a role in the early stage of American New Poetry, but as amisunderstanding of both Chinese written character and Chinese Poetics, might have hindered the development of comparative poetics.This talk will revisit the origin of“Ideographic method”and its theoretical fallacy.

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